One Team, One Family
Our employees are the great strength and driving force behind everything the company realises. We therefore strive for sustainable interaction with our personnel. We want to spark their energy, capabilities, competences, talents, commitment and dedication. The big ambition is to also ensure that they are able to continuously renew themselves at Roularta Media Group. We work here as one team, as one big family, in which everyone has their own, specific and important place. Hence our slogan ‘One Team, One Family’.

For employees, Roularta Media Group has developed ‘Roulactief’. Roulactief obtains the resources for its work from activities and from contributions from employees. Roulactief organises numerous activities each year. We look for activities that appeal to employees. Examples of such activities that take place each year are the New Year’s reception, the Saint Luke party (staff party, named after St. Luke, the patron saint of printers and the graphic industry), St. Nicholas day and the St. Nicholas party, excursions to a specific region, a museum visit,…

Training, information and documentation
Ongoing attention is paid to the personal development of all employees. To this end, we provide much training each year, both in-house and external.

We also regularly organise no-obligation evening information sessions on general topics, especially in the area of health. Past topics have included nutrition, burn-out, sleep, …

Speakers’ Corners and Academies are also organised at the various sites in which departments present themselves and new initiatives.

Sports and nutrition
The company set up a Sports Committee a decade ago. Originally, this committee organised initiation lessons in various sports in order to allow employees to sample a sport unknown to them. From 2013, the Sports Committee went a step further and also organised moments for relaxation and social interaction among colleagues in workshops on flower arranging or colour analysis. In addition, the Sports Committee is also responsible for organising diverse presentations on current health issues such as sleep, nutrition, …

In addition, Roulactief is also a solidarity fund. In the case of special events or emergency situations, support can be given via campaigns or the Roulactief ‘cash desk’. Finally, Roulactief donates to the senior citizen activities of the company. We also fulfil a social, non-company-related role by investing in talent, culture and new initiatives.

For example, Roularta Media Group is one of the founding partners of ‘A Heart for West Flanders’, dedicated to vulnerable young people up to 18 years of age.

‘A Heart for West Flanders’ supports various initiatives by associations or organisations (non-profits, voluntary activities, community or parent committees, etc.) that focus on socially vulnerable children and young people in their neighbourhood, district or city. The focus here is on projects that – sometimes quite locally – can make a difference and that can also be a lever for broader initiatives that create new opportunities for this vulnerable target group. ‘A Heart for West Flanders’ is an initiative of the West Flanders Regional Fund in collaboration with Roularta Media Group, regional television channels Focus & WTV, the publications Krant van West-Vlaanderen, Deze Week/De Zondag, and with the support of the Province of West Flanders.

Roularta in the graphic and media sector
Roularta aims to continue to play a major role in the graphic and industrial world. We also defend the interests of the sector through various channels and through our membership in numerous associations (Council for Journalism, the Belgian association for the periodical press The Ppress, the Belgian federation for the graphic industry Febelgra, …..).

Roularta Mediatech Accelerator
In 2016, Roularta Media Group, in collaboration with Duval Union, launched the Mediatech Accelerator, a support programme for start-ups. RMG aims with this initiative to facilitate and accelerate innovation in the media sector. Nine start-ups were selected who were supported and guided by RMG. Support by RMG includes funding and media for equity, housing and infrastructure, access to data, technology, know-how and mentorship. The aim is to link the expertise of Roularta with the start-ups participating in the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator and thus create a win-win situation that helps these start-ups achieve sustainable growth.