Roularta Local Media has always provided effective marketing solutions for local advertisers. Initially with printed media such as door-to-door papers and De Zondag, and over time with all the possibilities offered by the internet.

Roularta has been a Google Premium Partner since 2009 and handles the Google Adwords and Google Display campaigns of its local advertisers.

The services are being expanded into a complete “DIGILOCAL” package:
Roularta provides websites and webshops. Roularta is a reseller and shareholder of Proxistore, a company that places geolocalised advertising on a network of news sites that reach 80% of the Belgian population and that is also already active in France and Spain. Via Proxiletter, Roularta is able to place geolocalised advertising in the newsletters that the group distributes via the internet. Roularta is also able to offer an efficient marketing approach through Facebook.

And in 2016, Roularta launched the e-commerce platform Storesquare in collaboration with KBC and Unizo.
This makes it possible for local businesses to immediately start direct sales via the internet. Storesquare handles the logistics, the payment, the marketing, and Roularta’s Digilocal team takes care of the rest.

Roularta launches the DIGILOCAL package, a full service marketing solution for local advertisers.

KW launches a user-friendly and personalized platform, KWestie. The visitor chooses which subjects he wishes to read about.