Goals can only be achieved with good cooperation on the part of all stakeholders. They each in their own way are influenced by our activities or products, or build on them. For us they are all important.

The special attention that Roularta Media Group devotes to its stakeholders can be illustrated by means of the ‘Customer Journey’. Roularta Media Group puts with its ‘Customer Journey’ project, which started in 2017, the customer at the heart of the company’s entire operation under the motto together we aim not for ‘good’ or ‘better’, but for ‘best’.

In the project ‘Customer Journey’ is in a first phase, the focus on 2 types of customers: the reader and the advertiser. Different ‘customer journeys’ are developed for each type of customer. During a customer journey, an analysis is made of the operation of the organisation from the customer’s point of view.


In the media landscape, Roularta Media Group is known for its quality content. With the ‘Customer Journey’, Roularta Media Group wants to significantly increase the level of service it provides to its readers. Readers potentially have many questions that they want to see answered quickly and correctly. Under the impetus of the ‘Customer Journey’, the internal work processes are adapted to achieve this goal. Transparent and clear communication with the reader are the building blocks to achieve the desired level of service and to increase customer satisfaction.


Roularta Media Group has for many years succeeded in offering custom multimedia solutions to advertisers. The many possibilities sometimes make it very complex for the customer to make the right choices. The ‘Customer Journey’ therefore aims to put the advertiser at the centre and to offer the right media solution to customers based on their desires and wishes. Advertisers more than ever are looking for creative ways to communicate credibly and reliably with their target groups about their brand, especially in times of fake news and fake advertising. Therefore Roularta has bundled all of its expertise in native advertising, cross-media creativity and content marketing in one competence centre that can develop total solutions for the advertiser: the Roularta Brand Studio. In close collaboration with Roularta Media Group’s sales teams, Roularta Brand Studio offers creative cross-media total solutions for advertisers, tailormade for the advertiser, and in line with the target groups and the DNA of the various media brands of Roularta Media Group.