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Our sustainability program

Under the motto 'One Team, One Family, One Planet', Roularta Media Group is contributing to building a better world for tomorrow. Our family business wholeheartedly embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an international framework for promoting sustainable development.

Through this manifesto, which is published in our media outlets and has also been signed by our internal employees, we commit ourselves very concretely to 4 specific SDGs:



We contribute to building smarter and more conscious generations through reliable, relevant information, and activities that promote sustainable behavior.


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We encourage our employees to further develop themselves in an attractive, familial environment with a focus on well-being and respect for each other's uniqueness.


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We consciously choose partners who share this vision. This determines, among other things, the choice of printing techniques and all materials such as paper.



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We are firmly committed to achieving CO2 neutrality by 2040 and are dedicated to creating a green environment. This includes installing solar panels, electrifying our fleet of vehicles, and planting trees, among other initiatives.


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To make these 4 promises very tangible, we have translated them into 30 concrete sustainability objectives, where we set targets as a company. Furthermore, Roularta also uses the SDGs as a guide for supporting charities and for our sustainability report.



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