Roularta Media Group is an international multimedia group, market leader in Belgium in the field of magazines (Dutch and French) with the weekly news magazines Knack and Le Vif, the business magazines Trends (Dutch/French), women’s magazines and monthly lifestyle and special interest magazines (such as Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Flair, Feeling/Gaël, Plus Magazine, etc.), medical and other professional magazines, local media in the Dutch-speaking part of the country: a West Flemish paper (which you have to pay for) - the origin of the group - and a free national Sunday paper De Zondag with a monthly lifestyle magazine, a local free weekly paper (Tam-Tam), geolocalized online advertisements and commercials on TV screens in different stores.  Roularta also has a national business TV channel: Kanaal Z/Canal Z and a data company: Trends Business Information which can deliver all financial and marketing data from all Belgian companies.  Together with Rossel, RMG has a 50% participation in the Belgian company Mediafin (with daily business newspapers De Tijd/L’Echo and the weekly magazines de Belegger/L’Investisseur) as well as a 50% participation in classified sites immovlan.be and gocar.be.

Roularta is the second largest magazine publishing company in the Netherlands.  With a weekly news magazine EW, the weekly Beleggers Belangen and furthermore about twenty monthly lifestyle and special interest magazines (such as Landleven, Seasons, Delicious, Roots, Zin, Knipmode, Kijk, Fiets, Formule 1, etc.)

RMG is a market leader in the 50+ market in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with Plus Magazine, Frau im Leben, etc.

Roularta organizes business and lifestyle events and develops all possible line extensions  connected to its strong brands: books and magazine specials, journeys, cruises, design, etc.