Shareholding structure


The shareholding structure is as follows:

  Number of shares %
Koinon Comm. VA(1) 8,989,665 68.409%
SA West Investment Holding (1) 522.136 3.973%
Bestinver Gestión S.G.I.I.C. SA 998,725 7.600%
Capfi Delen Asset Management NV 394,201 2.999%
Own shares 598,435 4.553%
Individual and institutional investors 1,637,961 12.464%

(1) The Comm.VA Koinon and the S.A. West Investment Holding, in their capacity as persons acting in concert who have concluded an agreement concerning the possession, the acquisition and transfer of shares, have made a definitive notification.

9.407.428 of the total number of outstanding shares are nominative.