Roularta Media Group energy policy statement


Roularta Media Group (RMG) intends to use the energy needed for its business activities in a sustainable way that respects the environment, people and nature. RMG therefore publishes and communicates this policy statement to all stakeholders in order to make everyone aware of its commitment to playing an active role in reducing environmental impact through economical and efficient use of energy.

RMG is committed to a continuous improvement process relating to energy consumption in both the office environment and the production environment.

To achieve this objective, RMG undertakes to put the following principles into practice:

  • Strict compliance with legal requirements.
  • Voluntarily signing up to the Flemish Energy Policy Agreement (EBO).
  • Raising all employees’ awareness of how they actively contribute through rational use of energy.
  • Energy-efficient business operation and production, where technically and economically feasible.
  • Including an energy efficiency criterion in our procurement policy.
  • Implementing energy-saving measures in our operations, in both the office environment and the production environment.
  • Periodic measurement, recording and monitoring of energy consumption with a view to reporting, communication and improvement measures.
  • Open communication with employees in the organisation about energy policy and objectives, but also about the results, the measures taken and the promotion of energy-conscious working.

To formalise these principles, RMG has established an energy management system for the Roeselare site compliant with ISO 50001, whereby:

  • Energy consumption is systematically assessed
  • Important energy flows are monitored periodically
  • Energy-saving actions are formulated and planned and their implementation monitored
  • The results of these energy-saving actions are monitored and assessed on the basis of measurements
  • Targets are updated and communicated annually
  • The necessary resources and training are provided in order to achieve the strategic and operational objectives
  • The management is informed of progress periodically

By obtaining the ISO 50001 certificate for its Roeselare site, RMG demonstrates that its energy policy is backed by an independent, objective and international standard.
RMG is striving for a culture that helps to improve the energy efficiency of all its employees, customers, suppliers and society in general.
It is the duty and responsibility of every RMG employee to help achieve these goals.
Issued in Roeselare on 21 February 2020

Xavier Bouckaert,
CEO Roularta Media Group

Rik De Nolf,
Chairman of the Board of Directors