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Xavier Bouckaert • CEO

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Roularta Media Group (RMG was founded in 1954) is a Belgian listed multimedia group with more than 1,300 employees and a total combined revenue of 300 million euro.

  • Over the past few decades, RMG has launched the most important journals in the country (Deze Week and De Zondag), as well as the largest national magazine (Steps).
  • Roularta created the six Belgian news magazines (Knack - Le Vif/L’Express, Trends Dutch/French and Sportmagazine Dutch/French) and a series of specific niche magazines (such as Nest Dutch/French and Plus Magazine in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany).
  • Roularta possesses a 50 % participation in the newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo (via Mediafin).

  • Roularta exploits business TV channel Kanaal Z (Dutch) / Canal Z (French).

  • Through acquisitions, Roularta has become a market leader in medical publications, IT publications and professional journals for the graphic design industry.
  • Knack.be/LeVif.be is the largest quality news site in the country with 1.8 million “real users”.
  • Roularta Digital is the complete local advertiser package for internet marketing. 
  • Roularta Printing is the largest printing company in the country.
  • With Trends Business Information Roularta provides all financial and marketing data of all Belgian companies.
  • Roularta organises events in the business and lifestyle sector and develops all possible line extensions around its strong brands: books and magazine specials, travel and design.


 Roularta focuses on its core business in the magazine industry: three types of news magazines in Dutch and French:

  • Knack and Le Vif/L’Express, the general news magazines combined with lifestyle magazines Weekend Knack and Weekend Le Vif/L’Express, and entertainment magazines Focus Knack and Focus Vif
  • Trends and Trends Tendances, the business news magazines. 
  • Sport/Voetbal and Sport/Foot Magazine, the sports news magazines.


RMG with partner Bayard Presse (Paris) continues to develop an international group of specialist magazines for people age 50 and over: Plus in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. 


Furthermore, children’s magazines are published via Sailer Verlag as well as magazines for young parents with babies in Germany.

In the Netherlands Roularta publishes the monthly country magazine Landleven.

RMG publishes the following niche magazines: the country lifestyle magazine Nest (Dutch/French), travel magazine Grande (Dutch/French), the French-language weekly TV news magazine Télépro, the building and renovation magazine Ik ga Bouwen en Renoveren (Dutch/French), the monthly magazine Bodytalk (Dutch/French) and Style Trends (Dutch/French), the lifestyle magazine for the modern person. 

Under the umbrella of Roularta Media B2B, Roularta Media Group brings together a range of high-quality journals aimed at professional readers. All titles are published in Dutch and French.

Each of the publications (print, e-newsletter and website) meets the specific needs of the various fields (medical, tax, financial, legal, IT, industrial, management, graphics design and HR). A team of news-driven journalists and experts inform about the latest national and international trends, provide in-depth analysis, and offer commentary on their field. 

The main titles include Sterck, Data News, the doctor’s magazine Artsenkrant, and Grafisch Nieuws.

Through the organisation of interactive round tables, seminars and events, Roularta regularly brings together “key people” from the specific professional domains. 

This 360° approach allows Roularta to offer communication to suit everyone.  

Roularta HealthCare is a market leader in the medical press segment. In addition to Artsenkrant/Le journal du Medecin, we also publish Apotheker/le Pharmacien, Belgian Oncology News and HealthCare Magazine. Each title specialises in a specific subdomain and informs general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists and managers from the (health) care field of the latest news in their profession. And of course there are newsletters and websites associated with each title. All titles are published in Dutch and French.

The province of West Flanders has its own newspaper, the Krant van West-Vlaanderen, which for that matter is the most read, sold-medium in that province. The Krant van West-Vlaanderen offers a package of local journals (11 traditional titles such as De Weekkrant, Het Brugsch Handelsblad, Het Kortrijks Handelsblad, Het Wekelijks Nieuws and De Zondag), together with the magazine “KW Weekend”


Roularta possesses a 50 % participation in Mediafin with the general business newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo, which hold their main focus on everything that goes in the world of business, financial markets and politics. Both the newspaper and the website of De Tijd and L’Echo reach out to entrepreneurs, managers and investors… In a nutshell: people who take the initiative. De Tijd and L’Echo aspire to be a decision maker’s tool, on paper as well as online. The multimedia editorial staff and newsroom are there to guarantee that all the news is equally available on smartphone, tablet, website and even web TV.

De Streekkrant
 reaches each household in Flanders (Dutch-speaking Belgium) every week. 

De Zondag has been in existence for 20 years and is one of the largest media in Flanders. A complete newspaper with the news of each Saturday, up to and including complete sports coverage. The original distribution formula via bakers makes it possible to reach on Sunday morning some 1.5 million readers on Sunday morning. 

In addition, Roularta Media Group publishes the largest free magazine in the country:  Steps.

RMG has a 50% stake in Regionale Media Maatschappij under which 2 West Flemish TV channels, Focus TV and WTV have been brought, and a 50% stake in RTVM, the national advertising agency for regional broadcasters.
Kanaal Z/Canal Z (100% Roularta) is the Belgian news and business channel that reaches 1.3 million viewers weekly. 

Roularta Printing is Belgium’s largest offset printer, producing top quality newspapers, magazines and catalogues for Belgium and abroad.

Roularta Media Group uses its most prestigious brands as an umbrella for all its journalistic initiatives on the internet. Knack.be and levif.be are Roularta Media Group’s news sites. They offer relevant information and keep a close watch on the news in line with the spheres of interest of Knack, Le Vif and Trend readers. This is handled by an internet editorial team that together with the different editorial offices of the group constitutes the newsroom.

Roularta also works with Rossel vlan.be, the largest classified ads site in Belgium, in developing immovlan.be, autovlan.be, gocar.be etc.

Roularta Recruitment Solutions has a multimedia offering with the Streekpersoneel section in De Streekkrant/De Weekkrant and De Zondag, with streekpersoneel.be and with numerous recruitment salons.

Roularta Digital provides a full service to the advertiser in the field of the internet. Roularta Digital stands for: creating websites and electronic shops, supporting campaigns via Google, Facebook and the big websites, with region based ads via electronic newsletters (Proxiletter) and websites (Proxistore).

Storesquare is the e-commerce platform for local businesses with an amount of 1000 member shops and about 1 million visitors per month.