The board of directors


The company has adopted a monistic structure and will retain such as a result of the amendments to the articles of association to bring it fully in line with the provisions of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code.


The board of directors of NV Roularta Media Group consists of following members:

Five directors representing the reference shareholder, in accordance with the proposal rights under the articles of association:

  • Mr. Rik De Nolf (2026),
  • Mr. Xavier Bouckaert, permanent representative of Koinon NV/SA (2026),
  • Mrs. Lieve Claeys (2026),
  • Mrs. Coralie Claeys, permanent representative of NV Verana (2024)
  • Mr. Francis De Nolf, permanent representative of NV Alauda (2027)
  • Mr. William De Nolf, permanent representative of NV Cella (2027)

Independent directors:

  • Mr. Koen Dejonckheere, permanent representative of Invest at Value NV (2026)
    Mr. Koen Dejonckheere was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Gimv in 2008. Before, he was Managing Director and head of Corporate Finance at KBC Securities. Previously, Mr Koen Dejonckheere worked for Nesbic, Halder, Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance Europe and the BBL. Mr Koen Dejonckheere has extensive experience as a dealmaker in investment banking and private equity in Belgium and abroad.
  • Mr. Rik Vanpeteghem (2026)

Mr. Rik Vanpeteghem started his career at Deloitte Belgium in 1985. Prior to becoming CEO at Deloitte Belgium (2008-2016), he was managing partner Tax & Legal (2004-2008). From 2015 to 2019, Vanpeteghem held the position of Regional Managing Director of EMEA at Deloitte and was a member of the Global Executive Committee. Until his retirement as a partner in 2021, Vanpeteghem was Global Public Policy lead for Deloitte worldwide.

  • Mrs. Pascale Sioen, permanent representative of P-Company Pvt Ltd. (2026)

Mrs. Sioen is CEO of the Chemicals division of the Sioen Industries Group. She holds a Master's degree in Economics and attended several postgraduate courses and internships abroad. Pascale Sioen is an executive director of Sioen Industries (since 1990) but also has considerable experience as a director and manager in numerous other companies in various sectors. She also provides guidance to a number of promising startups.

Role and responsibilities
The board of directors is the supreme decision-making body of the company and is authorised to take any action that is necessary or useful for achievement of the purpose of the company, apart from actions for which only the general meeting is authorised by law. 

The board of directors is responsible for managing the company, which means that it is responsible for setting and achieving company targets, determining company strategy, and giving concrete form to company policy and determining the results that are necessary for this. The board of directors is accountable to the general meeting for its discharge of these responsibilities. The board of directors has collective responsibility for the management of the company.