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The following policy applies to all Internet initiatives of Roularta Media Group N.V. (registered office at Meiboomlaan 33, 8800 Roeselare and enterprise number 0434.278.896) and its subsidiaries, hereinafter collectively referred to as “our company”. Each user is assumed to have knowledge of the following conditions, to understand them, tacitly consent to them and to be bound by them. He also grants consent to process the personal data he has provided as specified below. The possible invalidity of a provision, due to conflict with mandatory law, does not affect the enforceability of all other stated provisions.


No rights of any kind can be derived from the content of this website. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the data are of a general nature, not adapted to circumstances specific to a certain purpose or individual.

Our company excludes all liability for direct, indirect, incidental or special damages of any kind (loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage caused by negligence or omission in providing, compiling, editing, writing, interpreting, reporting and disseminating information ...) that results from or is related in some way to offers and web pages published by our company, regardless of whether our company was aware of the possibility of this damage occurring.

Responsibility for the articles and photographs rests with the author of the article or the maker of the photograph.

We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information obtained through our company. The user himself bears the responsibility for checking the correctness, completeness or usability of the data that are available.

We aim to avoid technical difficulties as much as possible. We cannot be held liable for any breakdowns, interruptions or errors in the supply of data or for the consequences thereof (work interruption, damage to your programs or equipment), and thus any financial compensation is excluded.

This disclaimer of course does not refer to the exclusion of liability in matters for which, under common law, it cannot be indemnified, in particular damage resulting from deliberate and gross errors in the information made available.


In order to respect existing copyrights, the modification, multiplication, sale or modification of files, the use of data for unlawful purposes, the disclosure of information to third parties, the storage of information in a database (with the exception of automatic “caching” of the information by the browser) and the use of the data for a purpose other than that for which this site is intended, namely the provision of general information about our company, is prohibited without the prior written consent of the holder of the copyright, The required reproduction rights are essential.

Downloading and copying data for personal use, publication solely within the family context and short quotations from articles are permitted without consent, provided that the source is acknowledged, except for commercial purposes.

However, prior consent is always required for the reproduction or use of multimedia information (image, sound, software...).

Some of the names, signs or logos on this website are registered trademarks. Ownership of these is vested with our company and is protected by both national and international laws. Users therefore may not use these trademarks without the prior written consent of our company.

In the event that you are able to make your own contribution to our website, no work may be forwarded that is protected by intellectual property rights, unless you have the rights yourself or have at least obtained the necessary prior written consent.

In any case, you indemnify our company against claims from third parties.




Placing a hyperlink on your own website to the home page of our company’s website is possible subject to prior contact with our webmaster and the express approval of our company. The full URL address of our company’s website must be clearly visible.

Our company is not responsible for any third-party information files linked to this web page. Linking does not imply an endorsement of these files and does not mean that there is cooperation between our company and the administrators of the other site.

Our company makes no explicit or implicit statements regarding the correctness or completeness of data on the linked sites. It is impossible to substantively check all information.

Nor does our company endorse the products or services described on this site.

Obtaining access to and using another internet site linked to this site takes place at your own risk. Our company, its employees, representatives, licensees and trading partners will be protected against, and free from, legal and extrajudicial claims, including the costs of legal assistance, auditors, etc. that have been instituted by third parties as a result of shortcomings in the content or availability of the linked website, its existence or use, or any breach of any statutory regulation or the rights of third parties.

We reserve the right to delete each link at any time.


All data provided are purely for general information purposes and may be changed by our company at any time without notice.

The available data are not personal, professional or legal advice. Consequently, the information provided may not be regarded as investment advice, nor as an explicit or implicit invitation to purchase, sell or trade in any way whatsoever shares or other securities of any company.

If there is a need for specialised advice in connection with securities that are discussed, recommended or discouraged here, please consult a qualified person. All decisions that follow are deemed to have been taken at your own responsibility.


The possibility is created through various forums to discuss on-line with other visitors of the website. In this way, all with the same interest can read messages and answer questions. In order to prevent abuses, the user of these discussion forums is subject to certain rules of conduct.

Respecting intellectual property rights. Sending copyright protected works or works that are the object of an industrial property right, without consent or effective possession of the ownership of these rights, is prohibited. In any case, the user indemnifies our company against all third-party claims.

Respecting applicable legislation. All statements that harm people or institutions in any way are prohibited. These are statements that are contrary to public order and public morality, that are offensive or discriminatory, defamatory or offensive, illegal or incorrect. It is also forbidden to send data that are detrimental to the private life of the users, incite racial hatred and xenophobia, or that come down to unauthorised advertising. The intentional or unintentional violation of national or international laws is also prohibited.

Job offers, job ads, commercial information and all other non-relevant messages do not belong on the forum.

The sent messages must not contain viruses or technical defects, nor harm the other computers or servers.

In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, our company reserves the right, without prior notice:

  • To omit messages due to a breach of intellectual property rights or applicable laws.
  • Close discussions.
  • Deny access to the discussion forum due to repeated sending of the inappropriate messages referred to above. This refusal does not need to be substantiated.
  • Inform the police or judicial authorities in the case of serious unauthorised behaviour.

By using the forums, the visitor accepts the publication of the name and e-mail address on the web page. However, these may not be used by other users for commercial or unlawful purposes (spamming, stalking...).

Our company is not responsible for the content of the messages due to impossibility of control, nor for the content of other websites that could be linked to the forums via a hyperlink, nor for the use by third parties, of email addresses that are published on the forums listed.


The publisher reserves the right to prohibit and block access to the content of this website to users who use one or more application(s) that prevent(s) the display of advertisements on this website. This also applies to users with a paid access.


All disputes and claims regarding the matter discussed on this website are governed by Belgian law. The user agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Kortrijk, without prejudice to the right of our company to summon before any other competent court.

This web page may be modified by Roularta Media Group or its subsidiaries at their sole discretion, without liability for the consequences of this change. Problems can be reported at any time to the webmaster associated with this site.