When using PDF files, the following should be taken in account

  • The PDF file must be created via Acrobat Distiller 7/8/9/X/XI with the Ghent PDF Workgroup v4 settings (PDF/X Plus v4 settings), in other words: only the PDF 1.3 files, created with the required settings, will be accepted.
  • Only PDF 1.3 files will be accepted, PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7 related matters like transparancy JBIG compression, JPEG 2000 compression, 16 bits per canal images and layers are not accepted.
  • You can download the joboptions MagazineAds_1v4 and NewspaperAds_1v4 here under graphic info (enclosures PDF/X Plus v4) and copy these files in the ‘settings’ folder of Acrobat Distiller 7/8/9/X/XI.
  • You can find the screenshots to create a PDF file or a PS file in Quark and Indesign here under graphic info or www.medibelpus.be.
  • Acrobat Distiller will change the QuarkXpress or Indesign PS file into a PDF 1.3 file. To create this PS file you should also use the Ghent PDF Workgroup v4. For PPD files: use the ‘Adobe PDF’ PPD.
  • You can also find the screenshots to create a PDF direct from Indesign or Quark XPress here under graphic info or www.medibelpus.be.

Beware of the following

  • All images used should be included, saved as high resolution CMYK in the PDF, in other words: all other colour specifications, e.g. Lab, RGB,… will not be sustained.
    All fonts used should be included in the PDF.
  • A unique file name for each seperate file per publication is required.
  • File name
    It is not allowed to use unfamiliar symbols, such as
    / \ * I < > [ ]
    to denominate the delivered files.