Dividend policy


The general assembly pursues – as advised by the executive board – a policy which tries to pay out a dividend, whilst keeping a close watch on preserving the healthy balance between a distribution of dividends and the investment possibilities.

The board of directors will propose to the general assembly of 21 May 2019 that a gross dividend of EUR 5.50 per share be paid out for the full year 2018. Taking into account the gross interim dividend of EUR 5.00 per share paid in July 2018, the gross final dividend amounts to EUR 0.50 per share.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the strict precautions taken by governments worldwide to combat the virus are having a huge impact on our society.
The stagnation of economic life will clearly have an unpredictable impact on the company, its activities and its financial results. For these reasons, the board of directors decided not to pay a dividend for the financial year 2019.