Lay-out Magazines & Newspapers


The quality of printing is all about the technological preparation, all aspects and the smallest details of which are known to perfection by the teams of the Lay-out Magazines & Newspapers department. Handling the editorial pages means integrating the final high resolution images, composing partly editorial, partly advertorial pages, as well as XML processing.

All those activities are supported by a high-end digital flat plan. All created pages are automatically linked to that flat plan. That way, everybody working on that magazine can visualize the magazine beforehand and follow up on the arrival of pages.

Roularta Premedia integrates high-end technologies in the lay-out procedures. Ad-Place-It calculates the number of pages of an edition generates a separation of the edition and links it electronically to CCI NewsGate, the lay-out system that centralizes and positions commercial content, and processes editorial input.

Roularta Premedia checks and optimizes – if necessary in consultation with the client – the quality of each advertisement and its printable usability. The Preflight department serves as the central contact for external clients. The team checks if digitally sent advertisements can be used for printing. Conversely, printing clients can always contact the Preflight department to ask about the online lay-out of their advertisement. For each advertisement, a 100% colourfast proof is transmitted to printing as a colour reference.