The Kestrel nest box on the Roularta site was placed at the wadi, oriented east to avoid rainfall in the box.

The flight hole is spindled so that the Egyptian goose (an established and aggressive exotic species) does not get a chance and is pointed towards the open flower meadow so that the kestrel has a view of the daily hunting menu of field mice and other rodents.

This year, for the first time, a pair of Roularta falcons has ensured the offspring. The new generation Roularta kestrels fly out and scream for food from their mother.

Silhouette panel

Near but at a safe distance from the nest box is the kestrel panel.

This was painted on the occasion of 20 years of Natuurpunt by Natuurpunt volunteer and former Roularta employee Filip Cardoen.

You can guess the silhouette of the kestrel and via the QR code you can get extra information about the kestrel (via