Biodiversity Programme 2021


Biodiversity Programme 2021

A new forest of 1.5 ha will be planted in the centre of Roeselare within the Biodiversity Plan for Roularta Autumn 2021.

The realisation is supervised by Piet Desmet (Natuurpunt Mandelstreke), Mathieu Foré (Agency Nature and Forest), Katrien Geurts (West-Vlaamse Hart, Province of West Flanders), the Roularta Green Deal team and Geert Bossaert (Landscape Architect).

The Roularta site will be given a real upgrade in terms of biodiversity with:

  1. Border along the Meiboomlaan
  2. Sand mounds for flowers and sand bees
  3. A flower meadow on the street side
  4. Shrubbery on the sound barrier, soon to be supplemented by a Land Art element (more on this later).
  5. An Urban Forestry according to the Miyawaki method (2 batches with 3 trees per m2). This method allows for the creation of a dense foliage and prevents weeds from proliferating, thus minimising maintenance. By mixing the species well, you get different heights. After 20 years, the fall-out is only 10% with maximum added value in terms of biodiversity.
    This form of forest can be applied anywhere from 10m by 10m, in city parks, private gardens, business premises, around car parks, etc. Because of the thorny shrubs all around, penetration is discouraged which is good for safety and nature.

  6. A classic forest (1 big batch with 1 tree per 1 m2), is also surrounded by thorny shrubs.
  7. A wadi with a soft bank.
  8. A synus-mowed (in 3 zones, which will be sown each year and each will be mowed in turn every 3 years in order to create a diverse wood structure) flower meadow, at the very back near the honeybees, interspersed with wild rose batches that will provide height differences.
  9. Walking trails with information boards will ensure that the natural beauty can be enjoyed and explored.

A total of 12,000 to 13,000 trees will be planted, the planting is foreseen for October-November 2021.
Communication will be provided to the employees, but also to the local residents.  A call will be made to Roularta employees and their families, local residents and Natuurpunt-volunteers, to participate in the planting.

Roularta wants to share this biodiversity project with everyone who cares about nature.

The company launches this educational project to learn from it, and moreover to make others enthusiastic about this Green Story.

In short, Roularta calls on everyone to take responsibility, to participate to the best of our abilities. Nature has an answer to every argument. There is no excuse.

Roularta has opted for a sustainable and healthy future, for our children and for nature.