Roularta Media Group welcomes Pascale Sioen as a new director

28 October 2022

Roularta Media Group welcomes Pascale Sioen as a new director

The Board of Directors of the listed Roularta Media Group has co-opted P-Company BV, represented by its permanent delegate, Ms Pascale Sioen, as an independent director. Ms Pascale Sioen will fill the director’s position left open by the late Prof. Caroline Pauwels, who passed away this summer before her time. Ms Pascale Sioen meets the independence criteria set down in the corporate governance code.

Pascale Sioen (54) is the CEO of the Chemicals Division of Sioen Industries Group, which processes raw materials into high-quality semi-manufactured products for countless applications.
She has a master’s degree in economics and has taken various post-university training courses and internships abroad.

Pascale Sioen has been the executive director of Sioen Industries since 1990, but also has considerable experience as a director and manager in many other businesses in various sectors. In addition, she coaches several promising start-ups.

The Board of Directors believes that, with her many years of experience in the business world, Ms Pascale Sioen will be able to contribute her expertise to the debates and decision-making within the Board of Directors of Roularta Media Group.

Rik De Nolf
Chairman of the Board of Directors