Roularta completes acquisition of 50% stake in Mediafin - Regulated information

12 March 2018

Roularta Media Group (RMG) today completed the acquisition of the 50% stake in Mediafin from De Persgroep. After approval of the Belgian competition authorities, nothing stood in the way of the transaction.
Xavier Bouckaert, CEO of Roularta Media Group: “With this closing, Roularta Media Group continues its clear focus on local media (Deze Week, De Zondag, Steps, digital marketing services, the Storesquare e-commerce platform, etc.) as well as on national quality media (De Tijd/L’Echo, Knack, Le Vif, Trends, Sports Football/Foot magazine, Nest, Plus Magazine, etc.). The high-quality journalism of Mediafin fits seamlessly with the values of Roularta Media Group.”
Dirk Velghe, Chairman Mediafin: “De Tijd has now grown 31 quarters in a row and L’Echo is also doing very well in its market. This is partly due to the digital strategy of Mediafin, which is a frontrunner in its domain thanks to both publications. We aim to continue this growth with RMG as shareholder. And the strong beginning to 2018 is already a good start”.

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