Roularta announcement following the Annual General Meeting

18 May 2022

Roularta announcement following the Annual General Meeting

The listed Roularta Media Group (RMG) has made an announcement concerning the state of affairs in the first four months of 2022, following the Annual General Meeting. This year has got off to a good start, with growth (up to and including April) especially in advertising income and from the activities of the printing works. Both the Belgian and Dutch media brands have done better than last year. In terms of ‘local media’, the focus on De Zondag, digital advertising and the Mijn Stad television network has been a success. The recent acquisition of New Skool Media, which includes EW, previously Elsevier Weekblad, the Netherlands’ news magazine, has immediately made a positive contribution in line with expectations.

From May onwards, the effect of the war and the fears of price increases among consumers and advertisers must be taken into account. It remains to be seen what influence this will have on the sale of subscriptions and advertising.

RMG itself already is facing more expensive paper and energy prices, as well as rising salary costs.

RMG is continuing to work tirelessly towards its four chosen SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), with 30 performance indicators.

Mediafin (De Tijd/Echo) has also got off to a good start, with growth mainly in advertising income.

RMG is not planning to destroy its own shares, because it has opted for a free float increase (to 25% instead of 15%) when the time is right. The intention is to provide for a dividend of 1 euro every year, which means that Roularta Media Group guarantees one of the best dividend yields on the Belgian stock market.

In line with the proposed decisions that were issued, the Annual General Meeting on 17 May 2022 approved the proposed reappointment of the directors and decided to pay out a gross dividend of 1.00 euros per share. This amounts to a net dividend of 0.70 euros.

The dividend will be payable from 1 June 2022 (payment date). The share will be traded ex dividend from 30 May (ex date). The record date has been set as 31 May 2022.

Xavier Bouckaert Rik De Nolf