Roularta acquires STERCK.

07 July 2017

From today, Roularta has acquired 100% of the shares of bvba Bright Communication and bvba Bright Communication Antwerpen, an organiser of events and publisher of STERCK. magazine.

STERCK. is a multimedia brand offering b2b 360° marketing solutions for the local business world in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg. STERCK. reaches the local business community through some one hundred STERCK. networking events: STERCK. Invites, STERCK. Netwerck Club, STERCK. Netwerck Diner, STERCK. Café, STERCK. Seminars and STERCK. Golf & Ride. These events target entrepreneurs with the intention of generating business. In addition, the high-quality STERCK. Magazine (180p) is published 5 times a year, Ferm Lifestyle magazine 2 times a year, and Bouwcampus 4 times a year. The local business community is also reached via STERCK. TV and the social media channels of STERCK..

STERCK. was founded in 2013 by Geert Brouwers and Stijn Bonroy. The organisation is currently home to 9 employees and enjoys revenues of 3 million euros. Roularta will accelerate this growth by launching STERCK. in the other Flemish provinces. For this, Roularta can count on the entrepreneurship of both founders: Geert Brouwers and Stijn Bonroy.

STERCK. fits perfectly into Roularta's 360° brand strategy. Roularta already has a significant presence in the business community with Trends, which has developed a successful 360° strategy with Trends magazine,, prestigious events and seminars such as Trends Manager of the Year, Trends Summer University, Trends Gazelles, with the trading information database Trends Business Information, and so on. With a converging brand strategy, STERCK. will strengthen Roularta's presence in the SME business community.

Roularta Media Group is a Belgian multimedia group and market leader in radio and television, news sites, magazines (general, business, sports and news weeklies, lifestyle and professional magazines in Dutch and French) and local media in Flanders (free weeklies Deze Week and De Zondag, the lifestyle magazine Steps), online classifieds, web marketing and e-commerce solutions. In Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, RMG is also (in a joint venture with the French group Bayard) a market leader in media for seniors. Roularta Media Group has 2,000 employees and combined revenues of 470 million euros.


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