REGULATED INFORMATION - Roularta Media Group NV: coronavirus measures

23 March 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the strict precautions taken by governments worldwide to combat the virus are having a huge impact on our society.
Roularta Media Group too has taken important and far-reaching safety measures to ensure the safety and health of its employees, customers and business partners.

In these difficult times, Roularta – together with all its employees – continues to assume its civic responsibility as a media company and independently and reliably provide high-quality information to the population about COVID-19 and other important topics. As requested by the government, Roularta continues to produce and distribute all newspapers and magazines via press outlets and by post. All digital channels continue to provide 24/7 reporting.
However, publication of the complimentary magazines De Streekkrant and De Zondag will be stopped for 5 weeks, taking into account the closure of local businesses. Temporary unemployment has been introduced for the related activities.
The stagnation of economic life will clearly have an unpredictable impact on the company, its activities and its financial results. The results for the first two months of the year were better than in 2019, and the readership market is evolving favourably during a period in which reliable sources of information are being consulted more than ever. But the advertising market, which still represents 40% of Roularta’s revenue, is suffering from the corona virus.

The board of directors will propose to the general meeting that a dividend not be paid.

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Rik De Nolf
President board of directors