Regulated information: Roularta Media Group general meeting

21 May 2019

Roularta presents status report at general meeting of 21 May.

The integration of the women brands taken over from Sanoma has proceeded perfectly and is contributing positively to the group’s result. The revenue forecasts and cost synergies are being confirmed.

Furthermore, the participation in Mediafin is providing extra cash via a dividend that is greater than the amount recorded in the group’s EBITDA result according to the IFRS rules. The net cash position of the group has further improved and amounts to more than 100 million euros at the end of Q1.

The volatility of the advertising market continues to limit visibility.

The general meeting also decided to distribute a gross dividend of 5.50 euros per share for the full year 2018. Taking into account the gross interim dividend of 5 euros paid in July 2018, the gross final dividend amounts to 0.50 euros per share. This amounts to a net final dividend of 0.35 euros.

The final dividend will be made payable from 3 June 2019 (payment date). The share will be quoted ex dividend from 30 May (ex date). The record date is 31 May 2019. ING was designated as paying agent.

The general meeting also confirmed the co-optation and proceeded to the definitive appointment of Mr. Carel Bikkers and Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels as independent directors. Both directors meet the independence criteria as laid down in Article 526ter of the Belgian Companies Code. Their mandates run until the annual meeting that decides on the annual accounts for the financial year ending 31 December 2021. The mandate of NV Alauda, represented by its permanent representative Mr. Francis De Nolf, which expired at the general meeting, was extended for a period of four years.

More background information about these directors can be found in the annual report.

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