Publication of a transparency notification received by Roularta Media Group - Regulated information

27 August 2018

(art.14, 1st paragraph of the law of 2 May 2007 relating the publication of important notifications)

Notification summary
Roularta Media Group NV received the dated transparency notification on 24 August 2018 showing that Koinon Comm.VA holds 68.41% of the voting rights of the company, as a result of a reshuffle between the reference shareholders Koinon Comm.VA and West Investment Holding SA. Hence, Koinon Comm.VA has crossed the participation threshold of 65%.

Notification contents
Reason for the notification :                                         
Acquistion or disposal of voting securities or voting rights
Disclosure by:                                               
Persons acting in concert

Persons subject to the notification requirement:       

  • Koinon SCA
  • Stichting Administratiekantoor Cerveteri
  • Hendrik De Nolf
  • West Investment Holding SA
  • Stichting Administratiekantoor Giverny
  • Leo Claeys

Date on which the treshold is crossed:  

Treshold that is crossed (in %): 


Notified details:

A) Voting right Previous notification After the transaction
  # of voting rights # of voting rights % of voting rights
Holders of voting   Linked to securities Not linked to the securities Linked to securities Not linked to the securities
Hendrik De Nolf 0 0   0.00%  
STAK Cerveteri 0 0   0.00%  
Koinon SCA 7,372,877 8,989,665   68.41%  
Roularta Media Group NV 657,850 598,435   4.55%  
Subtotal 8,030,727


Leo Claeys 0 0   0.00%  
STAK Giverny 0 0   0.00%  
West Investment Holding SA 2,022,136 522,136   3.97%  
Subtotal 2,022,136 522,136   3.97%  
  TOTAL 10,110,236 0 76.94% 0.00%
B) Equivalent financiel instruments After the transaction
Holders of equivalent financiel instruments Type of financial instrument Expiration date Exercise period or date # of voting rights that may be acquired if the instrument is exercised % of voting rights Settlement
  TOTAL     0 0.00%  
TOTAL (A & B) # of votings rights % of voting rights
  10,110,236 76.94%

Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held 
SCA Koinon is a subsidiary of Stichting Administratiekantoor Cerveteri, which is controlled by Mr. Hendrik De Nolf. 
SA West Investment Holding is a subsidiary of Stichting Administratiekantoor Giverny, which is controlled by Mr. Leo Claeys.

This notification and other notifications can be consulted on Roularta Media Groups website through this link.


Contact Rik De Nolf
Chairman of the board of directors
Tel +32  51 26 63 223