New CIM figures confirm Roularta Media Group’s market leadership

17 October 2023

The latest Persstudie (‘Press Study’), published in October each year by the Centrum voor Informatie over de Media (CIM), has revealed that Roularta Media Group has achieved another great score for market share and coverage. With an impressive range of titles and a readership of more than 3.8 million, Roularta Media Group is continuing to make its mark on the Belgian media landscape.

A few highlights of the CIM figures:

Roularta Media Group is proud of the results and would like to draw attention to a few important highlights:

  • De Zondag has reconfirmed its status as the biggest weekly newspaper at both local and national level. With a weekly coverage of more than 1.3 million readers, it continues to be an essential medium for local and national information for advertisers.
  • With more than 850,000 readers, Libelle is still the biggest paying magazine in Belgium. Its French-language counterpart, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, has reached a weekly coverage of 483,000 readers. Together, the two magazines are the national market leader, with 1,330,000 readers.
    • Along with the main magazine, the accompanying monthly magazines enjoy widespread trust among the Libelle/Femmes women:
    • Almost 800,000 connoisseurs enjoyed Libelle Lekker and Femmes Délices, an increase on last year.
  • More than 520,000 outdoor enthusiasts are still inspired by their beloved Libelle Nest (NL/FR).
  • Plus Magazine reaches 491,700 readers every month, completing the top three paying monthlies after Libelle Lekker/Femmes Délices and Libelle Nest NL/FR.
  • Feeling and Gael are continuing to win the hearts of women who long for style, quality and refinement. These two titles together attract 311,000 readers each month.
  • Almost 300,000 people a week read an issue of the Krant van West-Vlaanderen. Each week, the brand reaches 479,100 people via the weekly paper (in print or digitally) or via the website: a well-earned increase of 5% on last year. The website thus confirms its growing importance.
  • The Trends community is growing and now has 450,000 online and offline readers.
  • Knack, Knack Weekend, Knack Focus and Le Vif, Le Vif Weekend, Le Vif Focus have held onto their leading position and quench the thirst of more than 1 million readers for accurate background information each week.

Convincingly embracing the decision to go digital

Xavier Bouckaert, CEO of Roularta Media Group, explains:

“Roularta is continuing to intensify its efforts to gain more digital and family subscriptions, to help ensure stable and sustainable growth. Subscribers to Knack and Trends, Le Vif and Trends-Tendances (whether print and digital or ‘digital only’) can read all of the group’s magazines – 30 in total – at the ‘Mijn Magazines’ digital kiosk. They also get 24/7 access to all the content by all the editorial teams in the ‘Mijn Magazines’ app or on the internet. This is how Roularta is convincingly demonstrating that it has embraced the decision to go digital.”

About Roularta Advertising:

Roularta Advertising is Roularta Media Group’s national advertising agency. As the undisputed market leader in magazine brands, we offer national advertising solutions aimed at specific target groups and the general public. Our solutions cover both print and digital, with both traditional and native advertisements. Roularta Media Group’s media brands have reached a record number of readers. The CIM figures for October 2023 prove it. They show, for instance, that Roularta owns both the biggest weekly paper – De Zondag – and the biggest paid weekly magazine – Libelle – in Belgium. 

About Roularta Media Group (RMG)

RMG is a Belgian publicly-listed multimedia group and a leader in magazine brands (general and business news, women's and lifestyle brands) in Dutch and French, local media in Flanders (primarily Sunday newspapers, location-based advertising online and on TV screens, networking events, etc.), provincial newspapers (Krant van West-Vlaanderen), and financial and business newspapers (De Tijd and L'Echo, in which RMG holds a 50% stake).

In the Netherlands, RMG has the second-largest portfolio of magazine brands (opinion, investing, 50+, sports, lifestyle, and special interest).

In Germany, RMG is a market leader in media for the fifty-plus audience.

With Roularta Printing Services, RMG operates the largest offset printing factory in Belgium, producing high-quality newspapers, magazines, and catalogues for the Belgian and international markets.

In total, Roularta Media Group employs approximately 1,300 full-time employees, with consolidated revenues of €343 million.

Xavier Bouckaert
CEO Roularta Media Group
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Philippe Belpaire
Directeur Nationale Regie
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