Nest is becoming Libelle-Nest and Femmes d'Aujourd'hui-Nest

12 March 2019

From May onwards, Nest will become “Libelle-Nest” in Dutch and “Femmes d’Aujourd’hui-Nest” in French, and will appear as a magazine six times per year. The new magazine will also be hosted online at and, along with the two other channels Libelle Lekker/Délices de Femmes d’Aujourd’hui and Libelle Mama/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui Mamans.

The magazine and website will continue to focus on country life (living, gardening and experiencing nature). The new Libelle-Nest and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui-Nest will also replace the Momentums that are sent to Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui subscribers six times a year.

The Dutch version of Nest also has a following of 66,000 copies among the members of the Landelijke Gilden (countryside organisations). That will be retained. This means that Libelle-Nest will immediately have a guaranteed sold run of 72,000 Libelle subscribers and 66,000 members of the Landelijke Gilden, or 138,000 copies in total. For individual sales, the new Libelle-Nest will also be sold in a pack with Libelle (10,000 copies) and the publisher will make the necessary efforts to convert as many Nest subscribers as possible to Libelle. In other words, the Dutch-language run of Libelle-Nest will more than double in comparison to the print run of the former Nest magazine.

The French version of Nest will have a guaranteed sold run of 25,500 Femmes d’Aujourd’hui subscribers and will also be sold in a pack with Femmes d’Aujourd’hui for individual sales (5,000 copies). Here, likewise, the publisher will make the necessary efforts to convert as many French-speaking Nest subscribers as possible to Femmes d’Aujourd’hui.

The concept of the new Libelle-Nest/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui-Nest will focus on the following cornerstones for content:

•             Inspiration for creating a cosy home (country living)

•             A genuine experience of the outdoors (garden and nature)

•             On your plate

•             “Do it yourself” and “Be creative” as an ongoing theme

•             An ode to country life in harmony with the seasons and nature

•             Country people as modern, aspirational, enterprising women and men

•             With the Libelle quality label in images, text and marketing


The very last edition of Nest will be on 29 March, and it will appear in its new form “Libelle-Nest” and “Femmes d’Aujourd’hui-Nest” from May onwards. There will be another three editions in the autumn. The new calendar and advertising rates for Libelle-Nest and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui-Nest are coming soon on

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