Annual Meeting - Trading update

16 May 2017

At the Annual Meeting of Roularta Media Group  NV  hold on 16 May 2017 will be proposed to pay out a gross dividend of 0.50 euro per share. 

Roularta Media Group also provides an indication of the state of affairs after the first quarter of 2017.

The two special operations that were recently initiated are proceeding as planned.

The e-commerce platform Storesquare is meeting its objectives and everything indicates that the launch costs planed for the 2015-2020 period are a more than justified investment in the digital development of RMG for the benefit of local advertisers, Roularta Local Media’s traditional clientele. Already more than 1,400 shops have registered and the platform presents 200,000 products.

The transition from the free weekly “De Streekkrant” to “Deze Week” is proceeding according to plan. The new editorial formula is appreciated and a new distribution system based on displays is being systematically tested by region, in combination with door-to-door distribution. The response to measurable campaigns (promotions and competitions) has grown by 100%, and ROI for advertisers is clearly guaranteed.

For the magazines, the readers market is stable thanks to the very large percentage of subscribers
(more than 90% for Knack, Trends Dutch/French and Le Vif/L’Express, Plus Dutch/French and Nest Dutch/French).

With regard to the advertising market, in the first four months of 2017 a decrease of 5 to 10% for all media (television, print and online depending on the specific medium) has been noted, with the exception of the radio. The advertising market is undergoing ups and downs and it is difficult today to make an accurate forecast for the entire year.

In the board of directors of NV Roularta Media Group, Ms. Caroline De Nolf is being succeeded by Ms. Coralie Claeys, 42, as new permanent representative of NV Verana. Today Coralie Claeys is head of Vincent Sheppard, a Belgian furniture company with several foreign facilities, known worldwide for the collection of furniture manufactured in Lloyd Loom. Today, Vincent Sheppard can be found in hotels, restaurants and golf clubs around the world. The company has its own production facility in Indonesia.

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