Mission and Strategy


Mission and strategy

As multimedia company, Roularta Media Group (RMG) aims to create sustainable value for the benefit of its print and digital readers, viewers, listeners, its customers-advertisers, its employees and its shareholders.

In Belgium, Roularta is a dynamic leading actor in the publication and printing of news and niche magazines, newspapers and free papers, in the audiovisual media landscape and in electronic publishing.

For the general public in Dutch-speaking Belgium, RMG produces freesheets, open network TV, radio and the Vlan.be internet site. For the national market (in both Dutch and French) RMG produces quality magazines, a TV news station Kanaal Z/Canal Z and the content-rich news portals Knack.be and LeVif.be. In this way Roularta is constantly investigating new opportunities – titles, marketing initiatives and new media – to strengthen its leadership in Belgium.

In a joint venture with the French group Bayard, Roularta is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with magazines for senior citizens, and in Germany with a wide range of magazines for parents and children, home and garden. 

All the Group’s strong brands continue to grow through line extensions, events and add-on products. The policy of vertical integration (content, advertising sales, production) and a multimedia approach increases the flexibility and promotes the anti-cyclical character of Roularta.

RMG continues to innovate with technical developments in the rapidly evolving media world. The involvement of employees and the ongoing search for the best internal systems, cost control and synergies with partners are a guarantee for the future. 

Roularta Media Group boasts a high level of corporate social entrepreneurship, with honesty, customer-friendliness and commitment top priorities.