Roularta Media Group International

In 1990, the monthly magazine Plus was launched in the Netherlands. It is an initiative of Senior Publications, a joint venture between Roularta Media Group and the French publisher Bayard Presse. The Plus concept had been previously successfully launched in Belgium with Bayard. Plus Netherlands participates in the 50 Plus Exhibition in Utrecht and in Media Plus, a specialised media agency for the seniors market.

Roularta acquires 51% of the Zeeuwsch Vlaams Advertentieblad (49% Wegener). 

In Germany, Roularta – again together with its French partner Bayard Presse – launches the seniors magazine Plus (Lenz) in 2001. This is the first step of a remarkable penetration into the German market. In 2008, Bayard and Roularta Media Group announce the acquisition of the magazines division of the Weltbild group.

Thus magazines are published for seniors, for parents and for children: Plus Magazin,  Frau im Leben, Schwangerschaft und Geburt, Kinder richtig födern, Babys lernen schlafen, Gesundheid, Mein Kind, Gesund essen,  Leben & Erziehen, Hoppla, Olli & Molli, Benni und Teddy, Bimbo, Tierfreund, Stafette, I Love English Junior, G/Geschichte, Schule + Familie.