Technical data Steps


Printing process
Web offset heatset, blanket/blanket

Image processing:
Converting the optimized RGB images in CMYK and giving them the right ICC profile: ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc
The ICC profile can be downloaded from our website.
Maximum ink coverage 300%
Dot increase
CMY: 14% (cyan, magenta, yellow)
K: 17% (key)
Resolution 300 dpi

Supplying work in digital form requires a proof:

For publications in black-and-white:
- via data communication: black-and-white proof
- via data carrier: supply black-and-white proof with the carrier

For quadri publications:
- via data communication: acceptable proof by courier
- via data carrier: acceptable proof delivered with the carrier

Lines: 120 lines/inch

The minimal font size for a text with 1 colour: 8
The minimal font size for a text with 2 or more colours: 10

Minimum screen value in flats: 5%