RMG sets out as a multimedia company to create value for its readers, viewers, listeners, advertising customers, employees and shareholders. People are the most important element in our enterprise. For this reason people feature centre stage in our value system. We believe in people's determination to take responsibility, to carry out their missions, and to cooperate honestly with everyone in the enterprise in order to achieve our objectives. People's dignity and rights are recognised and honoured in our organisation.

Roularta wants to make and retain the necessary profit in order to secure the future of the enterprise and to be able to provide a reasonable remuneration to our shareholders as well as fair and competitive remuneration to our employees. 

Positive environmental contribution of products, services and realisations is a major criterion in our choice of business partners. This means that in production, recycling and waste treatment, as well as the prudent use of raw materials, energy, etc., we are attentive to: 

  • respect for water, air and soil 
  • efforts made to limit noise pollution 
  • concern for ecologically responsible local planning. 

Roularta Media Group commits, together with its partners, to the 4 following environmental items: 

1. Fulfilment of environmental legislation: 
The enterprise will be managed in compliance with all existing laws and regulations. Where applicable the environmental effect of any action or activity will be considered in advance. All external partners will be encouraged to maintain similar environmental standards. 

2. Minimum environmental damage: 
All operating activities will be carried out with a view to causing the least possible environmental damage, both inside and outside the company. 

3. Sparing use of raw materials: 
All activities will be directed at the sparing use of raw materials, consumables, packaging and energy, and at recovery and recycling in order to prevent or minimise waste. 

4. Training and involvement: 
All employees will receive information and training in how to be more involved in and support pro-environment initiatives at work, at home and in their own communities. 

5. Processes, products and technologies: 
Environmental aspects will be taken into consideration in developing products, processes and technologies. Environmentally friendly management principles will be applied.