Transparency legislation


Act of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings

The transparency legislation has the intent to ensure the transparency of the shareholding structure of companies quoted on the stock exchange. With this in mind, the transparency legislation imposes, in certain conditions, on persons who have a participation in a company quoted on the stock exchange to notify this participation both to the Financial Services and Markets Authority and the company involved.

For notifications to the FSMA, they recommend the use of a standard form TR-1 BE, that is available on the FSMA's web site (
Notifications to Roularta can be transmitted to the attention of Sophie Van Iseghem (tel. 00 32 51 26 63 17) to the e-mail address or by fax to the number 00 32 51 26 65 93.

More information on the transparency legislation can be found in the Extract from the Guide to the Transparency Legislation

Information concerning Roularta Media Group (*)

Basic Data

Total capital

EUR 80,000,000.00

Total number of securities conferring
voting rights


Total number of voting rights (= the
13,141,123 (one voting right per share)

Supplementary data

Total number of debentures convertible
into securities conferring voting rights


Total number of rights, whether or not
reflected by securities, to subscribe for
securities conferring voting rights yet to
be issued


Total number of voting rights that may
result from the exercise of such
subscription rights


Total number of shares without voting


Article 8 of the Articles of Association forsees a
treshold of 3%

Under the terms of the Act of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings in issuers whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market (Transparency law) Roularta Media Group makes the following information public:

The company has received the following notifications of participations held in Roularta Media Group:

• On 2 July 2015
SCA Koinon and S.A. West Investment Holding, in their capacity as persons acting in concert, who have concluded an agreement concerning the possession, the acquisition and transfer of shares, have made a deinitive notification in relation to the following participations held in Roularta Media Group on 02/07/2015:

- SCA Koinon: 8,030,727[1] shares (61.11%) 
- S.A. West Investment Holding: 2,022,136 shares (15.39%) 
In the aggregate: 10,052,863 shares (76.50%)
(1) including 657,850 own shares Roularta Media Group

SCA Koinon is a subsidiary of Stichting Administratiekantoor Cerveteri, which is controlled by Mr. Hendrik De Nolf. 
S.A. West Investment Holding is a subsidiary of Stichting Administratiekantoor Giverny, which is controlled by Mr. Leo Claeys.


• On 2 March 2015
Bestinver Gestión S.A., SGIIC (UCI), holds 1,306,190 shares or 9.94%.

notification Bestinver