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Mieux Vivre Votre Argent
The Mieux Vivre group is a 100 % subsidiary of Groupe Express Roularta. This company specializes in financial and personal asset management information for individuals.

Mieux Vivre Votre Argent is France’s premier magazine devoted to personal financial asset management. MVVA, which appears monthly, has remained true to its original concept, informing and advising readers on how to better manage their money and thus ... to live better (‘Mieux Vivre’). In the margin of sections and feature articles the MVVA examines key family expenditure items like investments (real estate, securities, life insurance), income and savings taxes, pensions and inheritance.

The title shows an outspoken magazine approach and stands close to its readers. MVVA fulfills its promises towards its readers advising them in a most pedagogical manner. In 29 years MVVA has grown into France’s number one title in the financial press. It has a circulation of 252,917 copies (OJD 2006/2007), with over 1 million readers (AEPM 2006/2007), which makes it the most read magazine among these privileged target groups (high incomes, stock market investors). As extensions of the MVVA brand the Mieux Vivre group also produces other publications. First among these is the weekly La Lettre de la Bourse, France’s widest distribution stock market journal in France, now 18 years old, with 8 pages of tips for people managing major portfolios themselves. MVVA also publishes four ‘Guide’ supplements (Guide fiscal, SICAV, Immobilier, Actions), distributed along with the monthly magazine, and a special issue entitled ‘Tous les placements de A à Z’ (Investments from A to Z) and ‘Tax exemption from A to Z’. The Mieux Vivre group has also expanded its publication activities. First of all it publishes every year an original collection of articles forming a self-tuition package, with which readers can introduce themselves to or perfect their knowledge of various areas of personal asset management.

In 2004 the Mieux Vivre group launched in cooperation with Groupe Express Editions two new collections, Les Experts and Les Essentiels. Supplementing the magazine, these enable readers to expand their basic knowledge of all areas of personal finance (13 titles have been on sale since 2008). Les Corbeilles Finally, every year for the past 22 years MVVA has organized

Les Corbeilles
Finally, every year for the past 22 years MVVA has organized Les Corbeilles (‘Trading Floors’), an event at the Paris stock exchange. This is the most important event devoted to collective securities management in France, where prizes are awarded to the best financial institutions, and for professional managers an opportunity par excellence to meet each other.

key figures    Run: -    /   Paid circulation: 160.727    /   CIM (2008-2009): 817.000