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Exciting times await Roularta’s very first publication, also known as the Krant van West-Vlaanderen (De Weekbode, De Zeewacht, het Kortrijks Handelsblad, het Brugsch Handelsblad and Het Wekelijks Nieuws).

The newspaper reaches 354,809 readers each week through eleven local city newspapers. Neither the sales at the newspaper stands nor the subscriptions drop. Profits from advertisements are on the rise, especially thanks to local advertisers.

Thanks to their subscription number, subscribers can also enjoy the free digital service (tablet/pc), hence accessing the eleven local city newspapers and all special issues next to the printed issue.

Furthermore, Krant van West-Vlaanderen is expanding its reach with a paying subscribers' formula through its website www.kw.be. Existing subscribers can upgrade their subscription at an interesting price. Non-subscribers can conclude a web only subscription.

120,000 newsletters are also sent twice a day which update registered users on the latest news. In turn, those newsletters are the best way to attract users to the website.

As of today, both newspaper and website exist as two separate products, each characterized by its own approach as well as a unique interpretation. Therefore, readers who like to be informed no longer need to choose between either version, when they can simply enjoy both.

You can quickly read what, where, when in a no nonsense sort of way on kw.be, anyplace, anytime, at any device.

How, why, reactions and testimonies, coupled with the family news, the workings and doings of all West-Flemish associations, and so much more… you can read it every Friday, only in the local newspaper.

The newspaper still holds enormous potential, since many national advertisers have yet to discover the power of that unique local establishment of the newspaper. Geographically optimising your communication, meant for your target audience, calls for insight. For the past year, Roularta Local Media taught many potential clients that insight. That campaign will surely lead to positive responses in the short term.

Krant van West-Vlaanderen can benefit from the enormous possibilities offered by Roularta Media Group's MAN heat set Colorman printing press, so that thousands of pictures from the local community life can be printed in full colour and high quality.

You pay 2.95 euro per issue, whilst the annual price for a subscription (digital access included) is 132 euro. For only € 3.99 a month (€1.99 for existing subscribers), surfers can also freely access kw.be. Thanks to a combination you can consult all the latest West-Flemish news, additional sections, enrichments (photo, video) and experiences.

key figures    CIM (2012-2013): 339,332