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Krant van West-Vlaanderen
Roularta's very first publication, better known as the Krant van West-Vlaanderen (De Weekbode, De Zeewacht, the Kortrijks Handelsblad, the Brugsch Handelsblad en Het Wekelijks Nieuws) is living exciting times.

With its 11 local city editions, this weekly newspaper has a permanent appointment with 376,717 readers. Newsstand and subscription sales are both holding their ground. Advertising revenues are rise more than respectably.

Subscribers enjoy maximum service: through their subscriber number, all newspaper subscribers have access to both the digital service on tablet/pc (access to the eleven local city newspapers and all specials), and the kw.be website

Through its website www.kw.be Krant van West-Vlaanderen is reaching an even wider public. Twice a day, 120,000 newsletters are sent to registered subscribers with a focused update of the day's news.

Newspaper and website are perfectly complementary, not either/or, but, for those who like to keep informed, a both/and story.

What, where, when, all this you read quickly, in a short snappy style on kw.be, wherever, whenever and however you want.

The how, why, comments and testimonials, along with the family news, the ups and downs of all West Flemish associations and clubs, and so much more ... all this you read every Friday, only in the local newspaper.

The price per issue is € 3.10, the annual all-in subscription price (including online services) is € 156. KW offers a complete range of West Flemish news, additional headings, enrichments (photo, video) and experience.

key figures    Paid circulation: 68,757    /   CIM (2014-2015): 376,717