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Krant van West-Vlaanderen
Roularta's very first publication, better known as the Krant van West-Vlaanderen (De Weekbode, De Zeewacht, the Kortrijks Handelsblad, the Brugsch Handelsblad en Het Wekelijks Nieuws) is experiencing exciting times.

With its 11 local city editions, this weekly newspaper has a permanent appointment with 354,809 readers. Newsstand and subscription sales are both holding their ground. Advertising revenues are rising, mainly from local advertisers. Using their subscription numbers, subscribers enjoy now enjoy the free digital service (tablet/pc) that gives them access, alongside the print product, to all 11 local city newspapers and all specials.

Newspaper and website go through life as two separate products, with differing approaches, but with a unique content. In this way, for those wanting to be well-informed, an either/or approach is increasingly becoming an and/and story.  What, where, when you can read quickly, in a short snappy style on kw.be. Anywhere, anytime, on any medium. The how, why, along with commentary, testimonials, family news, the ups and downs of all West Flemish organizations and clubs, and so much more ... all this you read every Friday, exclusively in the local newspaper.

The paper still has enormous potential and advertisers are discovering the power of its unique, local anchoring.  Geographically optimizing communication to your target group calls for insight. Insight that the Local Media team last year again made available to many potential customers and from which positive signals are expected in the short-term.

As part of the Roularta Media Group, the Krant van West-Vlaanderen can avail of the enormous potential of the MAN-heatset Colorman press to print the thousands of photos of local community life in full colour and high quality.

The price per issue is 3.10 euros, the annual subscription price (including online services) is 156 euros. For only € 3.99 per month surfers gets additionally unlimited access to kw.be. With additional headings and the enrichments (photo, video) the combination offers a complete range of West Flemish news, for a fully-rounded perception of the West Flemish world.

key figures    Paid circulation: 69,955    /   CIM (2014-2015): 368,227