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Vlan.be is the total Belgian multimedia concept, formed by the partnership of Roularta Media Group (De Streekkrant, De Zondag) and Rossel (Vlan).

The two large press groups joined forces to create this national concept. Vlan.be is actually the Wanted section of the free local papers of the De Streekkrant group and Tam-Tam, De Zondag, the free local paper Vlan as well as the Sunday paper 7Dimanche spread in Brussels and the Walloon Provinces. Vlan.be consists of the following specialized sites: immovlan.be, autovlan.be, jobvlan.be and shopvlan.be, each one independent of the other.

“Vlan” equals searching the number one search site of Flanders, Brussels and the Walloon Provinces. “To vlan” is synonym to a quick search on the web, on TV, in a magazine, in the newspaper. In short: “Vlan and you shall find!”

As a website, Vlan.be counts over 91,000 hits per day and over 2.6 million hits a month.

Immovlan.be is the real estate site which boasts over 47,000 hits a day and over 520,000 hits a month. With 80,000 online real estate ads, immovlan.be offers a wide variety of real estate all over the country. The users can easily track down real estate offered by real estate offices, notaries and private persons by way of a quick and efficient search engine. In order to complete its offer, immovlan.be formed partnerships for all products which are not part of its core business, such as joint renting, loans, insurances, holiday homes… The entire offer should guide the user in his/her quest to finding a proper real estate. Thanks to a partnership with integrations on www.ikgabouwen.be and www.jevaisconstruire.be, a user can both buy a house or apartment and be informed of the possible alterations or renovations.

Autovlan.be is the place to be for cars, focussing on used cars. With over 23,200 qualitative hits per day and over 310,000 hits a month, vlanauto.be offers its visitors more than 30,000 cars. In addition, autovlan.be boasts more than 30,000 advertisements for all types of new and used cars. Thanks to an efficient search engine, users can easily list cars which have been put on sale all over Belgium. That offer can also be published in the press groups’ paper editions. Aside from the car advertisement, you can also catch up on all the latest of the car industry on autovlan.be.

Jobvlan.be, the website to land a job! It is the only website which covers the entire range of job advertisements: unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled candidates will surely find a job to their liking. Jobvlan counts over 3,100 qualitative jobs. It started early 2008 and today it counts over 6,400 visitors a day and 114,000 a month. In addition, it lists the job offers in Belgium per region. Once again, this concept was approached in a multimedial way.

Although Jobvlan.be is a specialized job website, it is also the indisputable leader in job offers in De Streekkrant and De Zondag. It is possible to only advertise online, which guarantees a better reach and all interactions between employer and candidate are possible thanks to advanced software.

Shopvlan.be is the search site where all kinds of second-hand articles are put on sale. The website was launched in 2008 and offers over 237,000 articles for sale. Vlanshop.be welcomes more than 14,000 visitors a day and more than 220,000 visitors a month. Shopvlan.be is highly appreciated amongst stamp and postcard collectors, although it is also popular for baby articles, trendy clothes, interior and decorating and many other articles.

These specialized sites are on the rise to ensure that everyone in Flanders, Brussels and the Walloon Provinces can soon ‘vlan’ – or quickly find – their dream house, dream car or dream job. The vlan.be website is first and foremost a search site, although it also offers information from both press groups’ various internet sites, by using internet techniques (rss feeds). Those techniques generate traffic between the web sites of both groups. In order for everything to run smoothly, both press groups appointed a specialized team which gradually acquired a very large know-how on the internet market in general and the Belgian market in particular.

Many projects are to be unveiled in 2010. The job, car and real estate sections of the vlan.be website will be submitted to profound changes, which in turn will ensure an easier and more efficient way of surfing the website. It will be easier and quicker for surfers to find their way to their dream job, dream car, dream house and all their other dreams. Also look out for the vlan.be sections in the newspapers and magazines. Reading pleasure will be at its peak. In the meantime, immovlan.be, autovlan.be, jobvlan.be and shopvlan.be, will keep on specializing and growing into full multimedia platforms in order to guarantee their visitors the most complete search offer in the country.